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Jute sarees

India is a land of different regions and every region has different styles of wearing clothes developed by the artisans through decades.  The traces of Indians being fashionable can be found out from the ancient remains of Harappa Mohenjodaro civilizations. After the independence, globalization is being witnessed in the Indian fashion industry, due to which changes have occurred in the style of Indian dressing.
The main attire which is ordinarily used by the Indian women is Saree. There are wide options available in designer Sarees. It can be of casual styles, fusion blends. Sarees comes in different styles, many color varieties, patterns and drape styles which includes modern style saris, embellished painted and embroidered sarees. There is also extinctive range of designer sarees available like Zari sarees, Georgette saris, Printed sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Jute saris, etc.

Jute Saree
In this article I would like to discuss about jute sarees which plays an important role in saree varieties. Right from the accessories to glamorous garments we can not ignore the presence of jute fabric in present days. There is a revolution in using natural fiber for manufacturing different costumes and various apparels. Jute has become favorite fabric for biggies in fashion world.

One of the national jute research centres in Kolkata developed a specific technology which lessens the roughness of the fabric making it silk soft. The Jute was called the golden fibre of Indian subcontinent. Jute can be mixed with cottonsilkwoolnylonrayon and so on…  Jute silk sarees are widely appreciated amongst Indian women for elegant designs, bright colors, smooth finish and the exclusive designs.

Saree being the most elegant traditional attire the fashion fanatics are putting their best brain to recreate a new range of design using this natural jute fiber. Sarees which are especially made keeping particular festivals in mind are festival jute sarees. These sarees display the intensity of occasion. For instance jute sarees are worn in marriages, engagements, birthday celebrations, parties etc.

The jute is the most popular fabric for festival sarees all over India. Shine of this jute fabric adds brightness in festival and also brings out the gorgeousness of the saree and the elegance of a woman. Mixing jute with other material upgrades jute in terms of durabilityappearancefeelwash abilityresilience. Thus making it hot on demand fabric for fashion designers. There have been many fashion events showcasing collection of jute sarees.
Jute sarees are quiet suitable for any occasion like casual, corporate, wedding and party events. Especially for wedding because wedding is very special occasion which comes only once in every girl’s life. Every girl wants to look very beautiful on their wedding day. So there is no better option than wearing saree that too Benaras Jute saree is so special dress up for any bridal occasion.

Kalamkari Saree
Most of the jute cotton sarees will have dazzling border in beige shade. Benaras has been more associated to jute sarees from India than any other state. Jute sarees from Banaras are known for the antique and traditional handloom workspatch worksmirror workskalamkari designs and exotic color combinations.
In south IndiaKancheevaram saris use jute motifs for temple designs which are used to wear mehendi functions in few communities. The comfort of jute sarees gives it prominence among Indian sarees.

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